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From our luxurious business suites located above the top floor of the prestigious Hunza Commercial Tower at Gurney Paragon, the Penang Prattler editorial team work tirelessly to bring you the very latest in fine dining, fashion and all things arts and culture related happening in the glorious Pearl of the Orient – Penang.

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Edwina Rhineheart

Editor-in-Chief, former fashion queen, air hostess and now glamorous publishing magnate Edwina Rhineheart has travelled the world in luxury; mixing with stars and celebrities from Milan to Paris, New York, Amsterdam and London. But today Edwina has set her sights on Bukit Mertajam as the next up and coming hotspot for discerning international travellers who demand and expect a superior level of entertainment, dining and accommodation.

Penang Prattler is dedicated to providing you – our valued reader – with intrepid insights into the best Penang has to offer, from restaurants and dining through to society gossip and more, you’ll find it all here.

So sit back, relax, read and enjoy this unique online forum, and you too may find that your life may never be the same again.

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